Taylor Swift Midnights album may be part of Thursday Night Football

Taylor Swift may not be performing at the Super Bowl this season, but she could still have something special in store for NFL fans.

The internet is buzzing with rumors that the pop star will launch a video or perform during next week’s Thursday Night Football matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints

Sportscaster Charissa Thompson repeatedly referenced Swift songs during the latest NFL broadcast on Amazon Prime.

She went on to say that viewers who’d caught her nods to “the most famous musical artist in the world right now” should be sure to tune in next week. 

“You might just want to check out Thursday Night Football on Prime Video next week as the Saints travel to Arizona for an exclusive premiere of something very, very special. Trust me,” Thompson said.

If Swift or her music does play some special role in Thursday’s broadcast, it will serve as an appetizer to her album release. The pop star is releasing “Midnights,” her 10th studio album, on Friday, Oct. 21.

Arguably the most anticipated release of Swift’s career, fans have been busy gathering ‘Midnights’ breadcrumbs for weeks — including many from Taylor herself — about the album’s track list, cover art, and, perhaps most importantly, just who’s going to regret ever crossing her