Google Doodle today: The eventful life of Mostafa El - Abbadi

Google Doodle today: The eventful life of Mostafa El - Abbadi

With a doodle, Google honors the eventful life and work of the historian Mostafa El - Abbadi, who was never really recognized in his home country.

On the occasion of his birthday, Google honors him with a doodle that shows the Egyptologists and historians in his probably favorite occupation: the browsing of books.

The famous Alexandria library in particular, which played a major role in ancient Egypt, had done so to the scholar. It is also shown in today's Google Doodle.

The library can be recognized by the large dome, behind the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, which is emblazoned in the foreground.

Google honors Mostafa El - Abbadi today with a doodle: his love was for the library

Throughout his life, El - Abbadi – researched the rest of his home country in addition to his area of expertise, the library of Alexandria

El - Abbadi was never recognized in his home country Although prominent state figures from all over the world came to the opening in 2002

One important person was missing: Mostafa El - Abbadi. He had not been invited.

 The then Egyptian government under Hosni Mubarak claimed the founding of the new library and did not give El - Abbadi any recognition.